kulogo Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Management
  University of Kalyani, Kalyani-741235, West Bengal, India


M.C.A. and M.Tech.

Students are the heart of the department. The approved strength of students in the courses offered here are 19 (for M.Tech.) and 38 (for M.C.A) respectively, and the approved number of teaching posts is 9.




Currently there are seven full time research scholars working under various faculty members towards their Ph.D. The names of the research scolars are:

1. Ms. Madhumita Sengupta (Univ. Research Scholar, Supervisor: Prof. J. K. Mandal)

2. Mr. Arindam Sarkar (DST INSPIRE fellow, Supervisor: Prof. J. K. Mandal)

3. Ms. Madhumita Mallik (DST INSPIRE fellow, Supervisor: Prof. J. K. Mandal)

4. Mr. Somnath Mukhopadhyay (DST-PURSE SRF, Supervisor: Prof. J. K. Mandal)

5. Ms. Monalisa Mandal (Univ. Research Scholar, Supervisor: Dr. A. Mukhopadhyay)

6. Mr. Soumen Atta (Univ. Research Scholar, Supervisor: Dr. P. R. S. Mahapatra)

7. Mr. Sujoy Chatterjee (Univ. Research Scholar, Supervisor: Dr. M. Bhattacharya and Dr. A, Mukhopadhyay)

Besides them, several other part-time research scholars are registered for Ph.D. under this department.



Apart from attending classes, the students of the department actively participate in various cultural programmes, competitions, games and sports organized by the university. Every year, the students of the department organize Freshers’ Welcome, Farewell & Reunion and publish the annual departmental magazine Voyage.