kulogo Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Management
  University of Kalyani, Kalyani-741235, West Bengal, India



Apart from the central library of the university, the department maintains its own library. The departmental library currently contains around 2000 books and the stock of books is regularly updated. The library is fully accessible to the students, research scholars and faculty members during the working hours.



The department maintains two computing laboratories containing around 50 desktop PCs, 10 thin clients, 3 servers (IBM, Dell and Sun), printers and scanners. There is also a digital electronics laboratory equipped with oscilloscopes, microprocessor kits, microprocessor interfacing kits etc. A communication engineering laboratory is also present and it consists of optical fiber communication equipments.


Internet and Network

All the computers in the department are connected through a departmental LAN, which in turn is connected to university fiber optic backbone providing 4 Mbps Internet connection facilities. As a result, all the students, research scholars and faculty members enjoy the facility of all-time Internet connectivity.


Class Rooms and Modern Teaching Aids

There are three class rooms each having capacity of 30 students. Besides this, there is one auditorium with capacity of 100 people. Apart from traditional chalk-black-board method, modern teaching equipments such as LCD projectors are available in most of the class rooms, laboratories including the auditorium.



The department houses an Industry-Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) funded by AICTE under the coordinatorship of Prof. J. K. Mandal. The objective of the cell is to develop relationship of the department with the industry and to provide the students a real exposure to the industry. The IIPC cell is equipped with a two-processor xeon server, two thin clients, a wireless LAN server with three terminals, a laptop, printer, scanner, LCD projector, FAX machine and a CANON photocopy machine. The IIPC cell regularly organizes workshops and seminars in collaboration with industry for the benefit of students, research scholars and faculty members.